July 2016

Table of Contents

Updates from the International Ataxia Conference, Windsor, 2015

Julie Greenfield, Mina Ruggieri, Barbara Flynn, Jennifer Farmer, Jane Larkindale

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Severe Insulin Resistance and Recurrent Pancreatitis in an 18 Year Old with Alström Syndrome

Knoelle Park, MS-2, Jan D. Marshall, MS, Miranda Loh, MS-4, Michael Willcutts, MD and Don P. Wilson, MD

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Geographic and Sociodemographic Features of Friedreich Ataxia: Implications for Clinical Research

Charles J Isaacs, Jennifer M Farmer, Kimberly A Schadt, Susan Perlman MD, George R Wilmot MD PhD, Theresa Zesiewicz MD, Christopher M Gomez MD PhD, Katherine D Mathews MD, Chad Hoyle MD, S H Subramony MD, Gloria Obialisi, Tanya Aranca, Carrie M Stephan RN MSN, David R Lynch MD PhD

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Current Understanding of Diagnosis and Treatment of Rare Mitochondrial Disorders

L.V.K.S. Bhaskar, Hrishikesh Mishra and P.K. Patra

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