Current Issue: October 2018

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Least Restrictive Environment, Not One Size Fits All For Prader-Willi Syndrome

Ann M. Manzardo, PhD; Janalee Heinemann, MSW; James Loker, MD; Carolyn Loker; Merlin G. Butler, MD, PhD

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Type I Citrullinemia: A Review of A Rare Urea Cycle Disorder and Approach to Management

Denise M. Kolanczyk,PharmD, Jenna Applegate, RD, Evelina Lin, PharmD, Allyson Wexler, PharmD, and Megan A. Rech, PharmD

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Trifid Mandibular Condyle: Report of A Rare Case

Khushboo Singh, MDS, Dr. Sujata Mohanty, MDS, Mahesh Verma, MDS, MBA, PhD, Sunita Gupta, MDS, MBA (HCA), Sujoy Ghosh, MDS, and Meera Choudhary, BDS

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Startle Response Analysis of Food-image Processing in Prader-Willi Syndrome

Alex Gabrielli, Albert B. Poje, Ann Manzardo and Merlin G. Butler

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