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JCHeadShot.jpg Editor in Chief

James Cloyd, MD
Morse Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor, the Lawrence C. Weaver Endowed Chair in Orphan Drug Development
Director of the Center for Orphan Drug Research at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy

Interviews in Acromegaly

The Journal of Rare Disorders is happy to announce insightful interviews with 3 physicians in the diagnosis, management and treatment of Acromegaly.



Please click on a physician's name below to learn more about this rare disorder.


Shlomo Melmed, MD, 

Professor of Medicine, Senior Vice President

and Dean of the Faculty, Cedars Sinai Health System

Los Angeles, California



NienkePic.jpg Nienke Biermasz, MD

Leiden University Medical Center
Endocrinology and Metabolism, Center for Endocrine Tumors, Leiden

 ChristianPic.jpg C. Strasburger, MD


Christian J. Strasburger, MD, Professor of Medicine and Chief of Clinical Endocrinology at the Department of Medicine of Charite-Universitätsmedizin, Campus Mitte, Berlin, Germany


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